Australian connections

The Alsbury family are recorded as being in Victoria and New South Wales from the mid C19 with many references in the Sydney, Bathurst, Orange, Granville and Newcastle areas. Today they are to be found in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and in Adelaide (South Australia).

Apart from an isolated reference (the birth of Henry C Aylesbury in 1826 at Port MacQuarrie) the earliest other records relating to the family run from the mid 1850's onwards. There was clearly considerable confusion of the Alsbury / Alesbury / Allsbury / Aylsbury / Aylesbury spellings - one example being within records of the family of John Aylesbury and Martha Butler who appear to have been in Sydney NSW in 1857, Ringwood VA ca 1860-1, Springhurst VA ca 1866 and at Kangaroo VA by 1867.

Francis Alsbury who died in 1875 in Richmond VA, aged 57 and came from Corston in Somerset provided a tantalising link between England and Australia until I found that both his and his wife's death certificates record that they died without issue ! - back to the drawing board !

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