Alsbury family - UK

  • My researches have identified three principal branches of the family which are as follows:

    The Corston (Somerset) Alsbury's
    The various branches of the Alsbury family which have spread out from Derby are all part of the Corston branch of the family. They seem to have moved to Derby with the opportunities of work on the growing railway network in the mid-nineteenth century.

    The Weston Zoyland (Somerset) Ealsbury's
    From the mid C18 there were Ealsbury's in Weston Zoyland, Somerset until the mid C19 - By which time some were Alsbury's and others were Elsbury's - of the Alsbuiry's, the elder children's families migrated towards Bridgwater, and the younger branches to live in and around Cheltenham. One of the Elsbury's joined the Metropolitan Police Force and spent many years in London before retiring back to Somerset.

    I am grateful to the team of Alsbury / Elsbury / Ellsbury researchers who are co-operating in tracing the family in the Somerset Levels area - no easy task!

    The Bucklebury (Berkshire) Alsbury's
    The surviving branches of this family appear to descend from William Alsbury (ca 1768 - 1852) and Thomas Alsbury, who both lived at Bucklebury in the late C18/early C19. There are Elsbury and Alesbury families who also link back to Bucklebury - I have a suspicion that anciently they may all have been part of the Albury families of Berkshire / Hampshire.

    The Corston family, and possibly the Weston Zoyland family, are quite likely descended, as are the Aylesbury's of Midsomer Norton and Radstock from the Aylesbury family at Corsley in Wiltshire, and in particular from Revd Thomas Aylesbury (1597-1661). This Aylesbury was brought up in the Birmingham area and a number of his published sermons and works survive. He is briefly noted in the Dictionary of National Biography.

    Map showing location of Corsley, Corston
 and Bridgwater

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